Furnace Fume Exhaust System manufacturers and suppliers in Pune, Maharashtra

Description :

We at SS Insulation are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Furnace fume exhaust system in Pune, Maharashtra.We offer an extensive range of furnace fume exhaust systems for a various kind of industrial applications. These systems are manufactured by using an advanced technology and innovative tools under the strict observation of our team of professionals. All the systems are tested by the parameters such as quality, performance and durability before it delivers to the clients.

A fume extractor is a mechanical device that allows to extract or remove fumes and particle which are creates during industrial operations such as grinding, spraying, welding and other chemical processing. It includes filtration system where particles are retained and produce clean air from the hazardous chemicals.Our fume extractors are used for applications like laser making, chemical fume extraction, organic vapour removal etc.

They are applied in areas of operation where high heat is and fumes are generated. They serve to extract these flames and smoke from the sites or the workshop thus making the working environment pleasurable and friendly. These fumes are purified through the pollution prevention and treatment sites. Areas best suited are Induction furnaces, AOD furnaces, exothermic reaction furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

Components of Furnace fume exhaust system :
  • swivel hood
  • hood
  • different types of hood
  • ducting
  • butterfly dampers
  • gas cooler (F.D.Cooler)
  • dust / fume collector (pulse jet bag filter)
  • Centrifugal Fan (ID fan)
Features & benefits :
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Premium raw material
  • Color coated surface
  • Protect labor from harmful gases
  • Greater efficiency
  • Helps to keep safe and pollution free
  • Maintenance and hassle free operation
  • User and environment friendly
  • Low energy/power consumption
Applications :
  • Induction furnace
  • Waste Incineration Plants
Advantages :
  • Cleans the working environment
  • Creates healthy atmosphere inside for the working peoples.
  • Low installation cost
  • Low Maintainence
  • Low Power consumptions
  • Repeated air changes
Working Process :

This system is designed and developed to keep the working environment health and toxic free.

Fume extraction system sucks the fume developed during manucaturing process this plays major role for keeping the enquirement clean.

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